All A & R fitness training plans are personalized to meet your individual needs (in gym & home workout plans) and designed to obtain an array physicals goals.


-Free consultation

- Workout plans
- Modifications as needed on weekly bases
-Weekly motivational check ins ( complimentary)
-Warmup guide
- Stretch guide


- $20 Beginners

- $25 intermediate

- $30 advance

Check ins $5 (at least once every 2 weeks for a month)

Food and workout with 2 check ins- $50

(Additional cost for intermediate & Advanced Plans)

***** Competition prep workout plan pricing may vary *****

Rob Lay has been an athlete all his life but it wasn't until he 2011 that his true fitness journey begin. During that year he became a certified personal trainer and began to train clients on top of dedicating his time to improving his body. Two years later he competed in his first bodybuilding show in 2013 in which he took 2nd place in his weight class, 3rd place in the open class (included competitors 30+ lbs over his weight class) and became a nationally qualified NPC competitor. Months after his competition, he donated a kidney and had to sit out of training for 3 months where he lost 20lbs. However, Rob was able to rebound from the weight he loss, and was back in the gym full time. In three months he was bigger and better than ever! Since then he has not competed because of time doctoral program demands, but continues to building a product that will be ready to present on stage when he am able to do so. However, Rob has had the opportunity of training clients and other competitors that have competed and won competitions.

Alissa Cheatham is dedicated to sharing her knowledge to help others reach their physical goals. By becoming a certified personal trainer she welcomes this new platform to work with others while learning more about the body and how to motivate others to achieve their goals.Her love for fitness begin as a young child watching her dad doing push-ups and sit-ups and trying to emulate him at the age of 4. All her life she has competed in various sports including gymnastics, basketball, volleyball,  football, and track and field.  Her love of sports and her ability to motivate and lead others caused her to become captain in various capacities on sports teams. She is a lover of all physical activities, but now she has honed in her talents into bodybuilding competing  in the National Gym Association or NGA as a figure competitor. She has competed in over 5 competitions and obtained her Pro card! She enjoys learning about the body, pushing it to its limit and shaping it. While bodybuilding and lifting weights, she has seen the inspiration and motivation that she provides to other females and males who see her progress and  ability and looks forward to continue to do so with you!




All A & R fitness meal plans are personalized to meet you distinct personal needs and dietary restrictions (including vegetarian & vegan diets).


- Free consultation

- Meal plans
- Modifications as needed on weekly bases
- Weekly motivational check ins ( complimentary)
- Tips


- $25 ( vegetarian options available)

- Check ins $5 ( at least once every 2 weeks for a month)

- Food and workout with 2 check ins- $50

(Additional cost for intermediate & Advanced Plans)

***** Competition prep meal plan pricing may vary*****




October 19th, 2019

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